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Honey Key購物流程說明






Honey Key shopping process description

Q: After the order is established, can the order quantity and products be cancelled or changed?
1. After the order is sent, if you need to modify the order, change the purchased goods or the quantity, please call the customer service staff to inform your order number, and you can delete this order and order a new order.
2. The promotional products on this website are all sold in limited quantities and will not be replenished until they are sold out.


Q: How to check the processing status of the current order

Please click Login Member in the upper right corner of the official website, you can check your order processing status in the order query.


Q: How to calculate the 7-day appreciation period

According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers enjoy the seven-day appreciation period of goods arrival, which is calculated from the next day after you receive the goods and complete the receipt of the goods to the 7th day.

If you complete the receipt on 5/20, the seven-day appreciation period is 5/20-5/27.

Therefore, if you want to apply for a return, please call "before 5/27 AM12:00" to inform your situation, and please provide a picture of the situation by mail, so that the customer service staff can assist you in processing the return.